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Hello there!

I thank you for visiting my website. I’ll safely assume you are exploring your options in the pursuit of having a vintage high-quality American-made grand piano rebuilt. Permit me to offer the following: the Internet abounds with stylishly designed piano rebuilding websites replete with pretty photographs and well-worded hyperbole emanating from the country’s countless rebuilding mills boasting meticulous craftsmanship. What can I do to distinguish myself in your eyes amid this vast sea, given the same two-dimensional playing field? Perhaps little, but I’ll try.

Here are some tangible facts I can offer at the outset:

Remanufacturing a vintage Steinway & Sons, Mason & Hamlin or other revered grand piano to the level performed in my shop is not inexpensive. There are no substitutes for experience, patience, highest quality materials, and painstaking attention to detail afforded by a small shop. In return this approach promises and delivers extremely high return for every dollar spent. My practice is to take as long to mechanically restore and cosmetically refinish a vintage instrument as it did the manufacturer to create it one hundred or more years ago. Ensure whatever firm you’re considering goes to the same extent; in fact, feel free to print out my Sample Proposal to compare procedures and materials.

Given these preliminary tenets, if you remain engaged on this website then perhaps you, your piano and I were made for each other. I invite you to explore further. Then if you wish, I invite your contact and visit to my facility. You will readily learn what indeed distinguishes me from the “vast sea”.

Thank you.

David G. Hughes
Registered Piano Technicia
Baltimore, Maryland

*Craftsman member Piano Technicians Guild since 1981


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